Preventing automated submissions is a key factor of your contest credibility, TotalContest make use of Google reCaptcha to prevent such vote requests. You can enable this feature by checking Extras > Captcha (reCaptcha by Google) from contest editor.


As mentioned above, as long as TotalContest uses Google reCaptcha, you will have to get a “Site Key” and “Secret Key” from the service.

To generate a site and secret keys (Steps requires you have a google account) :

  1. Head to Google reCaptcha site.
  2. Click “Get reCaptcha”.
  3. Under “Register a new site”, enter :
    1. Label: For management purpose (won’t be visible to visitors).
    2. Domains: Enter your site domain or sub domains you’re going to use.
    3. Send alerts to owner: Google can send you alerts if there are any problems with the Captcha.
  4. Thats all! Copy your site key and secret key and paste them into the fields in your contest edit page.

Last updated on March 1, 2017