Frequency limitations

Voting frequency

With Frequency limitations provided by TotalContest, you will be able to block participating or voting more than the allowed number of times for each user. You may reach the frequency limitations from Contest > Frequency or Vote > Frequency according to the one you would like to limit.

Block based on

The block based on option is the way you want TotalContest to use to limit such attempts. Some methods are stronger than others. Some methods can be bypassed if the user use some tools. Everything about this will be available under each type.


Security: LOW.

Cookies are data stored in the user browser. Using cookies only can make your contest rules easy to be broke. However, they are real fast and useful for a small contest where attempting to do so isn’t a big issue. It’s highly recommended to keep this option enabled even if you want to enable any other security layers.


Security: MEDIUM – HIGH.

Each user will have an IP address to indicate him on the internet. The IP address might be shared among all computers using the same internet connection. This method is quiet good to prevent any attempts to re-participate or re-vote. However, there are some ways to bypass it if the user is clever enough by using another internet connection or changing the IP. It’s something possible for advanced users.


Security: HIGH.

If you enable this option, you will have very credible results. Simply the user should be logged in to participate or vote, and he will be blocked from doing so again based on his username. To bypass this method, the only way is to create another user, which you can control in different ways on your website.

Submissions per user (Contest frequency)

This will specify how many times can the user submit an entry to the contest. 2 means the contestant will be able to enter two different submission.

Votes per user (Vote frequency)

This will specify how many times can the user vote. 2 means he/she will be able to vote twice (no matter whether that was on different or same submission).

Votes per submission (Vote frequency)

Specifies how many times can the user vote for a single submission.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say the Votes per user is 5 and Votes per submission is 3. This simply means the user can vote 3 times for submission 1 and twice on submission 2.


Each of the above 3 options have a timeout and they will expire (unless you set the timeout to 0). After that, user will have the possibility to get his number of possible votes or submissions again.

0 as timeout will stop these options from expiring. They will remain forever!

Last updated on March 1, 2017