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Contest form

You can request extra information from users who are adding their submissions to the contest. That can be the email address, phone number or any other details. This can be done by configuring the submission form from Contest > Form.

You can simply add fields by clicking the field type you want to add from the right menu. Once your field is added to the form, you will be able to configure the field like it’s name, label and validation. Each field has different settings.


  • Label: The label of the field that appears to the user. i.e. Email address.
  • Name: The name of the field (i.e. email_address).
    Heads up! This must be unique to avoid overlapping between fields.
  • Default Value: The initial value of the field.
  • Options (Checkbox, Radio and Select only): The options available for the field. You should follow the option_key : Option Label convension. Single option for each line.
  • Allow multiple values (Select only): Will allow the user to select multiple values from the select menu by holding the control/command key.


Validations rules are a great way to collect only valid and meaningful information from the visitors.


The field must be filled (not empty, mandatory, required).

Email (Text only)

The field must contain a valid email address (i.e. [email protected]).

Unique (Text only)

The field value must be unique in the database. This is a good way to prevent duplication like entering an email address twice for example.

Filter by list (Text and Textarea only)

White-listing or black-listing of specific words where the input of the user should satisfy. When selecting this option, you will have other options:

  • Filtering method: Let the list be your blacklist or whitelist.
  • List: The list of terms you want to either whitelist or blacklist. You should enter a single term in each row.

Regular expression (Text and Textarea only)

Test field value against a regular expression. You will have other options to define:

  • Expression: The regular expression pattern.
  • Error message: The error message that will appear if the user entry was invalid.
  • Comparison: Whether to match the pattern or mismatch to count the field as valid.


You can have some basic modifications on the structure of the fields.

  • Field CSS Classes: You can add multiple CSS classes to the input element separated by a white space (i.e. email-field form-control).
  • Template: Useful for markup customization. You can use the predefined presets by clicking the buttons below. You may also use different variables within the template.


Last updated on March 1, 2017