Styling your contest is an important factor to keep in mind. There are 2 main points you can take care of to customize the design of your contest.


TotalContest allows you to use templates to have different styles for your contest. Templates are modules because you can install, activate and deactivate them separately from the core. You can refer to Modules management article for more details on how to get, install and delete your templates.

Design settings

With design settings. You can set your preferences. Your contest will follow these preferences no matter what template you have used.


Design elements

You can set the colors, fonts and any other settings related to the styling of your contest from this tab.


Design layout

Layout settings are the one responsible about how to display your contest/submissions layout.

  • Gallery layout type: How to display the layout of the gallery.
  • Maximum container width (px): The maximum width of your contest container. This is helpful if you want to have specific width for the contest.
  • Columns: How many columns in gallery do you want to have.


Design sorting

  • Sort submissions by: The sort order of the submissions that will show up in the gallery.
  • Direction: Direction of sorting. Ascending or Descending.


Design pagination

Pagination is the system of pages. You will have page numbers under the submissions gallery to navigate to other pages. Specifying Submissions per page will specify how many submissions to appear in each page.

Custom CSS (Advanced use)

Design custom css

If you want to add any custom css to your contest for custom styling, you may add your css code here.


Last updated on March 1, 2017