Your contest is made up of pages (technically screens). There is an upload page, gallery page, submission page, home page, thank you page.. etc. Sometimes, you will have to have extra pages to add some content related to your contest. An example of extra pages can be the FAQ page, TOS page and policy page.

You can manage your pages from your contest editor under Pages tab. and also you will be able to add your own.

Predefined pages

You will have some predefined pages where you can manage their content.


Pages - Home

This is the landing page of your contest. You may modify the title and content of your home page from it’s tab.

Keep your home page title and content empty if you dont want to have a home page for your contest.

Thank you

Pages - Thank you

A predefined page that appears right after entering a submission by a user. You may modify the title and content of your thank you page from it’s tab.

Other pages

Pages - Other pages

If you want to have extra pages, you can add your own pages from Other pages tab then clicking Add new page. You can after that enter the title and the content of your page. You can have as many as you want!

Last updated on March 1, 2017