Publishing and integration

Now, you are ready to receive submissions and votes. TotalContest gives you multiple ways to integrate and publish your contest.

Contest permalink


Each contest created by TotalContest will have a permalink (direct link), this link can be shared publicly just like your posts or pages.


Shortcode integration

If you want to share your contest in other ways. You may use shortcodes. Using shortcodes is useful because you can have your contest submission upload screen inside a post to receive submissions there. And you can also have your list of results (gallery of submissions) inside another page or post anywhere in your website. This is applicable to each and every part of your contest like extra pages.

In your contest edit page, you will have the list of shortcodes you may use. Just copy them and paste them in any place that accepts shortcode like your posts or pages.

You will find a detailed explanation on each shortcode and where you can use it.


Widgets integration

If you have a page builder or you want to implement your contest in a widget area provided by your theme, you can use one of the following available widgets from Appearance > Widgets:

  • [TotalContest] Contest: Will display a contest page.
  • [TotalContest] Submission: To display a single submission.
  • [TotalContest] Contest countdown: Will display a timer before contest/voting starts or end.

Last updated on March 1, 2017