Translating into other languages

TotalPoll is made to work with WordPress standard internationalization, by this you can translate the whole plugin into other language using po/mo. However, some sentences that appear on front end are still possible to be translated through wp-admin panel to make life easier for people who are not familiar with po/mo translating.

Translating through wp-admin

Translating expressions through wp-admin
Translating expressions through wp-admin

Head to Polls > Options, under Expressions tab, you can translate whatever you want.

Translating by creating po/mo files

You can easily translate a template into other languages by following the instructions:

  1. Download and install poEdit
  2. Go to wp-content/plugins/totalpoll/languages/ and make a copy of the file with the name totalpoll-default.po within the same folder.
  3. Add the suffix -LANGCODE_COUNTRYCODE to the new file (i.e. the new file will be totalpoll-LANGCODE_COUNTRYCODE.po, where
    1. LANGCODE is the ISO 639-1 form of the language you’re translating to, you can also browse the full list of supported languages.
    2. COUNTRYCODE is the country.

Now open the new file with poEdit, and translate the strings there. Once you finish translating, Save the changes or press Ctrl + S for windows or CMD + S for mac, and poEdit will take care of creating a customized po and a generated mo files.

If you want to help us translating TotalPoll into a new language, please let us know, we’ll be happy to assist you and awarding you for such initiative.

Last updated on September 26, 2016