Design customization

TotalPoll allows you to customize the poll design by changing the template or template settings. These settings are available in “Design” tab.


Template settings
Template settings

Templates are a great way to get a unique look and layout and more. You can also get new templates from the store if you need more variations.

Under the template, you will find multiple tabs, each tab will have many settings and options that you can modify until you satisfy your criteria.

Set current settings as default / Reset setting to default

You can save specific settings as default for the selected template by selecting “Set current settings as default”. Whenever you select that template, these settings will be loaded automatically instead of the default ones. You can revert this by checking “Reset settings to default”.



This option allows you to specify what type of transition you want to apply when moving between screens (i.e. when displaying the results screen after voting). If you dont want any transition, you can select none.

Scroll up after vote submit


Enabling this will auto scroll the user browser to the poll, this is useful if you have a lot of choices and you want the user to scroll up automatically to the top of the poll after voting.

One-click vote


When enabling this option, the vote button will disappear and the vote will be counted once the user selects the choice.

Last updated on September 26, 2016