TotalPoll has been built on WordPress APIs which they are extensible by default. Furthermore, TotalPoll provide several actions and filters to facilitate the mission of extending or adapting TotalPoll to achieve different criteria.

File Structure

- assets: Images, javascript files, css files.
- extensions: Installed extensions
- includes
-- admin: Administration
-- classes: Components
-- widget: Widgets
- languages: Languages files (.MO)
- templates: Installed templates
- totalpoll.php : WordPress plugin file

Naming conventions

To ensure that TotalPoll won’t conflict with other plugins or themes, three prefixes were used.

PHP: “TP_” for classes, “TP_Admin_” for administration screens.

CSS: “totalpoll-” prefix is used in classes and IDs.

HTML: Attributes are prefixed with “data-tp-“.

Actions and filters: All TotalPoll actions are prefixed with “totalpoll/actions/” and “totalpoll/filters/” for filters.

Last updated on August 10, 2016